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Human-Wildlife Conflict Resource Library


van der Ploeg, J., F. Ratu, J. Viravira, M. Brien, C. Wood, M. Zama, C. Gomese, and J. Hurutarau. 2019. Human-crocodile conflict in Solomon Islands. WorldFish, Penang, Malaysia. Adobe Acrobat PDF Download

Kushnir, H., and C. Packer. 2019. Perceptions of risk from man-eating lions in Southeastern Tanzania. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 7. External resource

Ordiz, A., G. K. Moen, S. Sæbø, N. Stenset, J. E. Swenson, and O.-G. Støen. 2019. Habituation, sensitization, or consistent behavioral responses? Brown bear responses after repeated approaches by humans on foot. Biological Conservation 232:228-237. External resource

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