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Human-Wildlife Conflict Resource Library


Tiller, L. N., T. Humle, R. Amin, N. J. Deere, B. O. Lago, N. Leader-Williams, F. K. Sinoni, N. Sitati, M. Walpole, and R. J. Smith. 2021. Changing seasonal, temporal and spatial crop-raiding trends over 15 years in a human-elephant conflict hotspot. Biological Conservation 254:108941. External resource

Milich, K. M., K. Sorbello, L. Kolinski, R. Busobozi, and M. Kugonza. 2020. Case study of participatory action research for wildlife conservation. Conservation Science and Practice n/a:e347. Adobe Acrobat PDF Download

Cusack, J. J., T. Bradfer-Lawrence, Z. Baynham-Herd, S. Castelló y Tickell, I. Duporge, H. Hegre, L. Moreno Zárate, V. Naude, S. Nijhawan, J. Wilson, D. G. Zambrano Cortes, and N. Bunnefeld. 2021. Measuring the intensity of conflicts in conservation. Conservation Letters n/a:e12783. Adobe Acrobat PDF Download

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Please note, the resources listed in the document library are intended to highlight some of the key papers and resources for human-wildlife conflict topics and species, they have been populated with input from IUCN SSC groups, TF members and external experts. The papers included do not necessarily reflect the views of the Task Force.