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The IUCN SSC Guidelines on

Human-Wildlife Conflict and Coexistence

The Guidelines provide essential foundations and principles for good practice, with clear, practical guidance on how best to manage conflicts and enable coexistence with wildlife. They have been developed for use by conservation practitioners, community leaders, decision makers, researchers, government officers and others. Focusing on approaches and tools for analysis and decision making, they are not limited to any particular species or region of the world. The aim of these Guidelines is to improve the management of human-wildlife conflict globally, supporting efforts to be pursued through well-informed, holistic and collaborative processes that take into account underlying social, cultural and economic contexts.

The IUCN SSC Guidelines on Human-Wildlife Conflict and Coexistence can be downloaded via the links below and are available in  English, French, Portuguese and Russian.  


The Spanish version will be available in mid-2024, with GermanArabic and Chinese versions to follow later in 2024.


IUCN (2023). IUCN SSC guidelines on human-wildlife conflict and coexistence. First edition. Gland, Switzerland: IUCN

UICN (2024). Lignes directrices de l'UICN CSE sur les conflits entre les humains et la faune sauvage et sur la coexistence. Première édition. Gland, Suisse: UICN

UICN (2023). Diretrizes da UICN CSE sobre conflitos e coexistência entre humanos e animais selvagens. Primeira edição. Gland, Suíça: UICN


МСОП (2024). Руководство КВВ МСОП по конфликтам и сосуществованию человека и дикой природы. Первое издание. Гланд, Швейцария: МСОП

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