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October 2023 additions to the library



Butcher, P. A., K. A. Lee, C. P. Brand, C. R. Gallen, M. Green, A. F. Smoothey, and V. M. Peddemors. 2023. Capture response and long-term fate of white sharks (Carcharodon carcharias) after release from SMART drumlines. Biology 12:1329.   Download

Kelly, S. J., J. S. Kelly, E. Gardner, J. Baker, C. Monk, and A. Julian. 2023. Improving attitudes towards adders (Vipera berus) and nature connectedness in primary-age group children. People and Nature.   Download

Lajeunesse, G., E. W. Smith, H. W. Harshaw, and C. C. St. Clair. 2023. Proactive use of intensive aversive conditioning increases probability of retreat by coyotes. Ecosphere 14:e4676.   Download

Mills, K. L., J. L. Belant, M. Beukes, E. Dröge, K. T. Everatt, R. Fyumagwa, D. S. Green, M. W. Hayward, K. E. Holekamp, F. G. T. Radloff, G. Spong, J. P. Suraci, L. K. Van der Weyde, C. C. Wilmers, N. H. Carter, and N. J. Sanders. 2023. Tradeoffs between resources and risks shape the responses of a large carnivore to human disturbance. Communications Biology 6:986.   Download

Montero-Botey, M., and R. Perea. 2023. Infrared barriers as a detection tool to reduce human–elephant conflicts. Wildlife Biology n/a:e01124.   Download

Pettersson, H. L., G. Holmes, C. H. Quinn, S. M. Sait, and J. C. Blanco. 2023. Who must adapt to whom? Contested discourses on human–wolf coexistence and their impact on policy in Spain. People and Nature.   Download

Preece, N. 2023. Spectacled Flying-fox conflicts—tucker, totem, taunt and threat. Integrative Conservation.   Download

van Dooren, T. 2023. Worlds of meaning at the edge of extinction: conservation behaviour and the environmental humanities. Humanities 12:122.   Download

van Dooren, T., C. J. Price, P. B. Banks, O. Berger-Tal, M. Chrulew, J. Johnson, G. Lajeunesse, K. E. Lynch, C. McArthur, F. C. G. Parker, M. Oakey, B. J. Pitcher, C. C. St. Clair, G. Ward-Fear, S. Widin, B. B. M. Wong, and D. T. Blumstein. 2023. The ethics of intervening in animal behaviour for conservation. Trends in Ecology & Evolution 38:822-830.   Download

von Essen, E., M. Drenthen, and M. Bhardwaj. 2023. How fences communicate interspecies codes of conduct in the landscape: toward bidirectional communication? Wildlife Biology n/a:e01146.   Download

Wilkinson, C. E., T. Caspi, L. A. Stanton, D. Campbell, and C. J. Schell. 2023. Coexistence across space and time: social-ecological patterns within a decade of human-coyote interactions in San Francisco. People and Nature.   Download

Young, J. K., A. M. Mast, J. A. Walton, T. Rodgers, A. J. Piaggio, D. R. Taylor, and K. E. Mock. Straight from the coyote's mouth: genetic identification of prey through oral swabs of predators. Wildlife Biology n/a:e01155.   Download


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