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March 2023 additions to the library



Alexander, J. S., R. Murali, T. N. Mijiddorj, B. Agvaantseren, C. Lhamo, D. Sharma, K. R. Suryawanshi, L. Zhi, K. Sharma, and J. C. Young. 2023. Applying a gender lens to biodiversity conservation in High Asia. Frontiers in Conservation Science 4.   Download

Ardiantiono, S. M. Henkanaththegedara, B. Sideleau, Sheherazade, Y. Anwar, I. A. Haidir, and A. A. T. Amarasinghe. 2023. Integrating social and ecological information to identify high-risk areas of human-crocodile conflict in the Indonesian Archipelago. Biological Conservation 280:109965.   External resource

Boronyak, L., and B. Jacobs. 2023. Pathways to coexistence with dingoes across Australian farming landscapes. Frontiers in Conservation Science 4.   Download

Connolly, E., and H. Nelson. 2023. Jaguars in the borderlands: multinatural conservation for coexistence in the Anthropocene. Frontiers in Conservation Science 4.   Download

Duvall, E. S., E. K. Schwabe, and K. M. M. Steensma. 2023. A win–win between farmers and an apex predator: investigating the relationship between bald eagles and dairy farms. Ecosphere 14:e4456.   Download

Hardeman, D. W., H. B. Vander Zanden, J. W. McCown, B. K. Scheick, and R. A. McCleery. 2023. Black bear behavior and movements are not definitive measures of anthropogenic food use. Animals 13:950.   Download

Hatch, M. B. A., J. K. Parrish, S. S. Heppell, S. Augustine, L. Campbell, L. M. Divine, J. Donatuto, A. S. Groesbeck, and N. F. Smith. 2023. Boundary spanners: a critical role for enduring collaborations between Indigenous communities and mainstream scientists. Ecology and Society 28.   Download

Jürgens, U. M., M. Grinko, A. Szameitat, L. Hieber, R. Fischbach, and M. Hunziker. 2023. Managing wolves is managing narratives: views of wolves and nature shape people’s proposals for navigating human-wolf relations. Human Ecology.   Download

Luetkemeier, R., R. Kraus, M. Mbidzo, M. Hauptfleisch, S. Liehr, and N. Blaum. 2023. A qualitative exploration of conflicts in human-wildlife interactions in Namibia's Kunene Region. Diversity 15:440.   Download

Massei, G. 2023. Fertility control for wildlife: a European perspective. Animals 13:428.   Download

Siemer, W. F., T. B. Lauber, R. C. Stedman, J. E. Hurst, C. C. Sun, A. K. Fuller, N. A. Hollingshead, J. L. Belant, and K. F. Kellner. 2023. Perception and trust influence acceptance for black bears more than bear density or conflicts. Frontiers in Conservation Science 4.   Download


Von Hagen, L., C. A. LaDue, and B. A. Schulte. 2023. Elephant scar prevalence in the Kasigau Wildlife Corridor, Kenya: echoes of human-elephant conflict. Animals 13:605.   Download

Zanni, M., R. Brogi, E. Merli, and M. Apollonio. 2023. The wolf and the city: insights on wolves conservation in the anthropocene. Animal Conservation.   Download

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