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February 2023 additions to the library

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Abrahms, B., N. H. Carter, T. J. Clark-Wolf, K. M. Gaynor, E. Johansson, A. McInturff, A. C. Nisi, K. Rafiq, and L. West. 2023. Climate change as a global amplifier of human–wildlife conflict. Nature climate change.   External resource


Braczkowski, A. R., C. J. O’Bryan, C. Lessmann, C. Rondinini, A. P. Crysell, S. Gilbert, M. Stringer, L. Gibson, and D. Biggs. 2023. The unequal burden of human-wildlife conflict. Communications Biology 6:182.   Download


Buchholtz, E. K., M. McDaniels, G. McCulloch, A. Songhurst, and A. Stronza. 2023. A mixed-methods assessment of human-elephant conflict in the Western Okavango Panhandle, Botswana. People and Nature.   Download


Gao, Y., A. T. L. Lee, Y. Luo, J. S. Alexander, X. Shi, T. Sangpo, and S. G. Clark. Large carnivore encounters through the lens of mobile videos on social media. Conservation Science and Practice n/a:e12907.   Download


Harris, N. C., C. E. Wilkinson, G. Fleury, and Z. N. Nhleko. 2023. Responsibility, equity, justice, and inclusion in dynamic human–wildlife interactions. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment.   Download


Marino, F., S. L. Crowley, N. A. Williams Foley, R. A. McDonald, and D. J. Hodgson. 2023. Stakeholder discourse coalitions and polarisation in the hen harrier conservation debate in news media. People and Nature.   Download


Parchizadeh, J., K. F. Kellner, J. E. Hurst, D. W. Kramer, and J. L. Belant. 2023. Factors influencing frequency and severity of human-American black bear conflicts in New York, USA. Plos One 18:e0282322.   Download


Pop, M. I., S. R. Gradinaru, V. D. Popescu, D. Haase, and C. I. Iojă. 2023. Emergency-line calls as an indicator to assess human–wildlife interaction in urban areas. Ecosphere 14:e4418.   Download


Redmore, L., I. Katholo, A. Sene-Harper, A. Songhurst, G. McCulloch, and A. Stronza. 2023. The village, the elephant, and the state: land access and vulnerability in rural Botswana. Human Ecology.   Download


Vogel, S. M., D. Vasudev, J. O. Ogutu, P. Taek, E. Berti, V. R. Goswami, M. Kaelo, R. Buitenwerf, M. Munk, W. Li, J. Wall, D. Chala, I. Amoke, A. Odingo, and J.-C. Svenning. 2023. Identifying sustainable coexistence potential by integrating willingness-to-coexist with habitat suitability assessments. Biological Conservation 279:109935.   Download

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