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Snow leopard


Guidance Documents

Toolkit for champions: community livelihoods and snow leopard conservation (2016). (Snow Leopard Trust)  Download


Community engagement toolkit for field implementers and staff. A toolkit for collaborative conflict management for community livelihoods and snow leopard conservation (2016). (Snow Leopard Trust)  Download


The partners principles for community-based conservation (2016). (Mishra, C.)  Download

Key Papers

Ahmad, S., S. Hameed, H. Ali, T. U. Khan, T. Mehmood, and M. A. Nawaz. 2016. Carnivores' diversity and conflicts with humans in Musk Deer National Park, Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan. European Journal of Wildlife Research 62:565-576.  External resource


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Alexander, J. S., B. Agvaantseren, E. Gongor, T. N. Mijiddorj, T. Piaopiao, S. Redpath, J. Young, and C. Mishra. 2021. Assessing the effectiveness of a community-based livestock insurance program. Environmental Management 68:87-99.  External resource

Alexander, J. S., A. Bijoor, K. Gurmet, R. Murali, C. Mishra, and K. R. Suryawanshi. 2022. Engaging women brings conservation benefits to snow leopard landscapes. Environmental Conservation:1-7.  External resource

Alexander, J. S., R. Murali, T. N. Mijiddorj, B. Agvaantseren, C. Lhamo, D. Sharma, K. R. Suryawanshi, L. Zhi, K. Sharma, and J. C. Young. 2023. Applying a gender lens to biodiversity conservation in High Asia. Frontiers in Conservation Science 4.   Download

Aryal, A., D. Brunton, W. H. Ji, R. K. Barraclough, and D. Raubenheimer. 2014. Human-carnivore conflict: ecological and economical sustainability of predation on livestock by snow leopard and other carnivores in the Himalaya. Sustainability Science 9:321-329.  External resource


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Gao, Y., A. T. L. Lee, Y. Luo, J. S. Alexander, X. Shi, T. Sangpo, and S. G. Clark. 2023. Large carnivore encounters through the lens of mobile videos on social media. Conservation Science and Practice n/a:e12907.   Download

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Books and book chapters

Jackson, R. 2012. Fostering community-based stewardship of wildlife in Central Asia: transforming snow leopards from pests into valued assets. Pages 357-380 in V. Squires, editor. Rangeland stewardship in Central Asia: balancing improved livelihoods, biodiversity conservation and land protection. Springer Netherlands, Dordrecht.  External resource


Jackson, R. M., C. Mishra, T. M. McCarthy, and S. B. Ale. 2010. Snow leopards: conflict and conservation. Pages 417-430 in D. W. Macdonald and A. J. Loveridge, editors. The biology and conservation of wild felids. Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK.
 External resource


Mishra, C., S. R. Redpath, and K. R. Suryawanshi. 2016. Livestock predation by snow leopards: conflicts and the search for solutions. Pages 59-67 in T. M. McCarthy, D. Mallon, and P. Nyhus, editors. Snow leopards. Academic Press.  External resource


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