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Database of HWC Policies

This page contains currently known national-level and related policies on human-wildlife conflict. We are continually updating this database, please contact us if you notice anything missing. 

This database is a joint initiative of the HWCCSG and the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations 

International policies

International policies

Target 4

Ensure active management actions to enable the recovery and conservation of species and the genetic diversity of wild and domesticated species, including through ex-situ conservation, and effectively manage human-wildlife interactions to minimize human-wildlife conflict for coexistence.

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National HWC policies

Seven countries in the world currently have national strategies specifically on human-wildlife conflict - listed below. Click the images to view the documents. Please contact us if you know of any further national HWC policies not listed here.



National human-wildlife conflicts management strategy

Nature Conservation Division, Department of Forests, Ministry of Agriculture


Citation: Government of Bhutan (2008). National human-wildlife conflicts management strategy. Nature Conservation Division Department of Forests Ministry of Agriculture, Royal Government of Bhutan, Thimphu.



Estrategia nacional para la mitigación de los conflictos entre la vida silvestre y las actividades humanas

Ministerio de Medio Ambiente y Agua

Citation: Ministerio de Medio Ambiente y Agua (2015). Estrategia Nacional para la Mitigación de

los Conflictos entre la Vida Silvestre y las Actividades Humanas. La Paz. 52 pp.



National Human-Wildlife Conflict Mitigation Strategy and Action Plan of India 2021-26

Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change

Citation: MOEF (2021) National Human-Wildlife Conflict Mitigation Strategy and Action Plan of India 2021-26. Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Government of India.



Revised national policy on human-wildlife conflict management 2018-2027

Ministry of Environment and Tourism

Citation: MET (2018). Revised national policy on human-wildlife conflict management 2008-2027. Ministry of Environment and Tourism, Namibia



National human-wildlife conflict management strategy 2020-2024

Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism

Citation: MNRT (2020). National Human-Wildlife Conflict Management Strategy 2020-2024. Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism, United Republic of Tanzania



National strategy for management of human-wildlife conflicts 2020-2024

Uganda Wildlife Authority, Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities

Citation: Uganda Wildlife Authority (2020). National Strategy for Management of Human-

Wildlife Conflicts

Other national policies with HWC

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A number of countries have other policies that include specific mention or guidance on HWC matters. Here are a few examples. We will update this page periodically, please contact us if you see would like any items added (in any language). Click on the images to access the documents.



Solomon Islands









NBSAPs with HWC 


The below countries have National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan (NBSAP) policies that contain specific mention of human-wildlife conflict (or closely related terms). This list contains pre-COP15 NBSAPs. All NBSAPs are available to download at:

Angola 2020

Austria 2015

Bangladesh 2016

Belize 2016

Bhutan 2014

Botswana 2016

Cameroon 2014

Costa Rica 2017

Eritrea 2015

Estonia 2014

Finland 2014

Georgia 2014

Germany 2016

Guinea-Bissau 2016

India 2014

Japan 2013

Malaysia 2016

Mozambique 2016

Myanmar 2016

Namibia 2015

Nepal 2014

Nigeria 2015

Norway 2016

Poland 2015

Republic of Korea 2014

Rwanda 2017

Slovakia 2015

South Sudan 2019

Sri Lanka 2016

Sudan 2015

Switzerland 2012

Tanzania 2016

Uganda 2015

Vanuatu 2018

Zimbabwe 2016

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