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August 2023 additions to the library

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Azevedo, F. C. C., P. H. Nobre, G. A. Ferreira, R. Morato, R. C. de Paula, P. R. Amaral, E. Eizirik, C. C. Sartor, and A. Andriolo. 2023. Translocation as a tool for the conservation of the jaguar Panthera onca: a case study in the Brazilian Atlantic Forest. Oryx:1-5.   Download


Denninger Snyder, K., K. M. Tiedeman, B. J. Barrett, M. Kibwe, R. J. Hijmans, and G. Wittemeyer. 2023. Differentiated drivers in wildlife-induced damage necessitate species-specific mitigation strategies in the western Serengeti, Tanzania. Biological Conservation 285:110202.   Download


Egan, C. C., B. F. Blackwell, E. Fernández-Juricic, and P. E. Klug. 2023. Dispersal of blackbird flocks from sunflower fields: efficacy influenced by flock and field size but not drone platform. Wildlife Society Bulletin n/a:e1478.   Download


Mateos-González, F., L. Poledník, and K. Poledníková. 2023. European ground squirrels in backyard gardens: identifying and mitigating agricultural conflicts with an endangered species. Animal biodiversity and conservation 46.   Download


McMahon, B. J., B. Arroyo, N. Bunnefeld, M. Carrete, F. Daunt, and J. C. Young. 2023. Birds and people: from conflict to coexistence. Ibis n/a.   Download


Moures-Nouri, F., M.-R. Hemami, A. Rezvani, and B. Ghasemi. 2023. The influence of superstitions and emotions on villagers’ attitudes towards striped hyena in southwestern Iran. Plos One 18:e0285546.   Download


van Bommel, L., and C. N. Johnson. 2023. Still a good dog! Long-term use and effectiveness of livestock guardian dogs to protect livestock from predators in Australia’s extensive grazing systems. Wildlife Research.   Download


Walsh, D., M. J. O’Riain, N. Nattrass, and D. Gaynor. 2023. On the fence: the impact of education on support for electric fencing to prevent conflict between humans and baboons in Kommetjie, South Africa. Animals 13:2125.   Download

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