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July 2022 additions to the library

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Adams, T. S. F., K. E. A. Leggett, M. J. Chase, and M. A. Tucker. 2022. Who is adjusting to whom?: Differences in elephant diel activity in wildlife corridors across different human-modified landscapes. Frontiers in Conservation Science 3.  Download

Ampumuza, C. 2022. Living with gorillas? Lessons from Batwa-gorillas’ convivial relations at Bwindi Forest, Uganda.  Download

Beall, J. M., L. D. Pharr, R. von Furstenberg, A. Barber, W. R. Casola, A. Vaughn, M. N. Peterson, and L. R. Larson. 2022. The influence of YouTube videos on human tolerance of sharks. Animal Conservation.  Download

Bennett, J., A. Sjölander-Lindqvist, C. Sandström, and S. Larsson. 2022. Addressing the Swedish large carnivore controversy: identifying roadblocks in collaborative governance to reduce conflict. Frontiers in Conservation Science 3.  Download

Bota, G., J. Traba, F. Sardà-Palomera, D. Giralt, and C. Pérez-Granados. 2022. Passive acoustic monitoring for estimating human-wildlife conflicts: the case of bee-eaters and apiculture. Ecological Indicators 142:109158.  Download

Corriveau, A., M. Klaassen, S. T. Garnett, M. Kaestli, K. Christian, T. L. Crewe, D. A. Loewensteiner, and H. A. Campbell. 2022. Seasonal space use and habitat selection in magpie geese: implications for reducing human-wildlife conflicts. The Journal of Wildlife Management n/a:e22289.  Download

Djoko, I. B., R. B. Weladji, and P. Paré. 2022. Diurnality in the defensive behaviour of African honeybees Apis mellifera adansonii and implications for their potential efficacy in beehive fences. Oryx:1-7.  Download

Eva, A. N., A. Suzuki, and S. Numata. 2022. Spatiotemporal patterns of human–carnivore encounters in a seasonally changing landscape a case study of the fishing cat in Hakaluki Haor, Bangladesh. Conservation 2:402-413.  Download

Hoel, K., A. Chin, and J. Lau. 2022. Clashing conservation values: the social complexities of shark depredation. Biological Conservation 272:109658.  External resource

La Grange, M., C. Matema, B. Nyamukure, and R. Hoare. 2022. The virtual fence dynamic: a breakthrough for low-cost and sustainable mitigation of human-elephant conflict in subsistence agriculture? Frontiers in Conservation Science 3.  Download

Laguna, E., P. Palencia, A. J. Carpio, J. Mateos-Aparicio, C. Herraiz, C. Notario, J. Vicente, V. Montoro, and P. Acevedo. 2022. Evaluation of a combined and portable light-ultrasound device with which to deter red deer. European Journal of Wildlife Research 68:50.  Download

McManus, J., L. Faraut, V. Couldridge, J. van Deventer, I. Samuels, D. Cilliers, C. Devens, P. Vorster, and B. Smuts. 2022. Assessment of leopard translocations in South Africa. Frontiers in Conservation Science 3.  Download

Montero Botey, M., M. Soliño, R. Perea, and M. Martínez-Jauregui. 2022. Let us give voice to local farmers: preferences for farm-based strategies to enhance human-elephant coexistence in Africa. Animals 12:1867.  Download

Oliva-Vidal, P., A. Hernández-Matías, D. García, M. À. Colomer, J. Real, and A. Margalida. 2022. Griffon vultures, livestock and farmers: unraveling a complex socio-economic ecological conflict from a conservation perspective. Biological Conservation 272:109664.  Download

Parker, B. G., K. S. Jacobsen, J. A. Vucetich, A. J. Dickman, A. J. Loveridge, and D. W. Macdonald. 2022. Towards equitable conservation: social capital, fear and livestock loss shape perceived benefit from a protected area. Journal of Environmental Management 319:115676.  Download

Pooley, S. 2022. Croc digest: a bibliography of human-crocodile conflicts research and reports, 4th edition.  Download

Soga, M., and K. J. Gaston. 2022. The dark side of nature experience: typology, dynamics and implications of negative sensory interactions with nature. People and Nature.  Download

Tavolaro, F. M., Z. Woodgate, C. Brown, S. M. Redpath, and M. J. O'Riain. 2022. Multispecies study of patterns and drivers of wildlife impacts on human livelihoods in communal conservancies. Conservation Science and Practice n/a:e12773.  Download

Vikas, M., V. Athreya, and S. Limaye. 2022. Changing a leopard's spots or how people spot leopards? Managing human – leopard interactions in urban India. World Development Perspectives:100431.  External resource

White, J. P., W. H. Stiver, M. K. Steinberg, and J. R. Cissell. 2022. Comparing management techniques used on conflict American black bears in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Ursus 2022:1-7, 7.  External resource

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