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July 2023 additions to the library



Atkins, S., J. Mann-Lang, G. Cliff, N. Pillay, and M. Cantor. 2023. Stakeholder perceptions reveal obstacles and opportunities to change lethal methods of protecting bathers from sharks. Marine Policy 155:105762.   Download

Huang, C., K. Zhou, Y. Huang, P. Fan, Y. Liu, and T. M. Lee. 2023. Insights into the coexistence of birds and humans in cropland through meta-analyses of bird exclosure studies, crop loss mitigation experiments, and social surveys. PLOS Biology 21:e3002166.   Download

Khorozyan, I., and M. Heurich. 2023. Where, why and how carnivores kill domestic animals in different parts of their ranges: an example of the Eurasian lynx. Global Ecology and Conservation:e02585.   Download

Morton, F. B., M. Gartner, E.-M. Norrie, Y. Haddou, C. D. Soulsbury, and K. A. Adaway. 2023. Urban foxes are bolder but not more innovative than their rural conspecifics. Animal Behaviour 203:101-113.   Download

Ramos, K. L., R. Machado, C. Zapelini, L. C. de Castilho, and A. Schiavetti. 2023. Knowledge, attitudes and behavioural intentions of gillnet fishermen towards the South American sea lion in two marine protected areas in southern Brazil. Ocean & Coastal Management 242:106673.   External resource

Rogers, A., A. Treves, R. Karamagi, M. Nyakoojo, and L. Naughton-Treves. 2023. Trenches reduce crop foraging by elephants: lessons from Kibale National Park, Uganda for elephant conservation in densely settled rural landscapes. Plos One 18:e0288115.   Download

Smith, T. S., A. E. Derocher, R. L. Mazur, G. York, M. A. Owen, M. Obbard, E. S. Richardson, and S. C. Amstrup. 2023. Anthropogenic food: an emerging threat to polar bears. Oryx 57:425-434.   Download

Usman, M. F., S. Le Bel, P. Grimaud, and M. Reinhardt Nielsen. 2023. Evaluating the determinants of wildlife tolerance in the Kavango-Zambezi Transfrontier Conservation Area in Zimbabwe. Journal for Nature Conservation:126466.   Download

Vongraven, D., S. C. Amstrup, T. L. McDonald, J. Mitchell, and N. G. Yoccoz. 2023. Relating polar bears killed, human presence, and ice conditions in Svalbard 1987–2019. Frontiers in Conservation Science 4.   Download

Zhou, X.-H., W. Zhang, D.-Y. Tang, Z. Miao, Q. Wang, and D. C. MacMillan. 2023. A quantitative analysis of public preferences for the wild boar management in urban and rural China. Global Ecology and Conservation 41:e02353.   Download

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