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November 2022 additions to the library



Gehrt, S. D., E. M. Muntz, E. C. Wilson, J. W. B. Power, and S. D. Newsome. Severe environmental conditions create severe conflicts: a novel ecological pathway to extreme coyote attacks on humans. Journal of Applied Ecology.   Download

Larsson, S., S. O. Larsson, J. Bennett, and A. Sjölander-Lindqvist. 2022. Contextualizing negative attitudes to wildlife and wildlife governance in the moral economy of Swedish farmers. Frontiers in Conservation Science 3.   Download

Machado, R. 2022. Ingestion of fishing items by South American sea lion in southern Brazil: indicating a neglected problem. Fisheries Research 255:106459.   External resource

Marino, A., J. C. Blanco, J. A. Cortes-Vazquez, J. V. Lopez-Bao, A. P. Bosch, and S. M. Durant. 2022. Environmentalities of coexistence with wolves in the Cantabrian Mountains of Spain. Conservation and Society 20:345-357.   Download


Mazue, F., C. Guerbois, H. Fritz, N. Rebout, and O. Petit. 2022. Less bins, less baboons: reducing access to anthropogenic food effectively decreases the urban foraging behavior of a troop of chacma baboons (Papio hamadryas ursinus) in a peri-urban area. Primates.   External resource

Mitchell, J. D., J. M. Drymon, J. Vardon, P. G. Coulson, C. A. Simpfendorfer, S. B. Scyphers, S. M. Kajiura, K. Hoel, S. Williams, K. L. Ryan, A. Barnett, M. R. Heupel, A. Chin, M. Navarro, T. Langlois, M. J. Ajemian, E. Gilman, E. Prasky, and G. Jackson. 2022. Shark depredation: future directions in research and management. Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries.   Download

Othman, N., M. A.-S. Mustapah, A. G. Quilter, and A. DeWan. 2022. Understanding barriers and benefits to adopting elephant coexistence practices in oil palm plantation landscapes in Lower Kinabatangan, Sabah. Frontiers in Conservation Science 3.   Download

Piaopiao, T., K. Ramesh Suryawanshi, X. Lingyun, C. Mishra, L. Zhi, and J. Shanti Alexander. 2022. Factors shaping the tolerance of local Tibetan herders toward snow leopards. Journal for Nature Conservation:126305.   External resource

Pinto-Marroquin, M., C. Castaño-Uribe, J. Pérez-Torres, J. F. Aristizabal, D. Santos-Fita, A. Ramos Chaparro, and J. C. Serio-Silva. 2022. Potential conflict as an opportunity for coexistence: cosmovision and attitudes of Arhuaco people towards jaguars. Ethnobiology and Conservation 11.   Download

Roberts, N. L. S., E. K. Johnson, S. M. Zeng, E. B. Hamilton, A. Abdoli, F. Alahdab, V. Alipour, R. Ancuceanu, C. L. Andrei, D. Anvari, J. Arabloo, M. Ausloos, A. F. Awedew, A. D. Badiye, S. M. Bakkannavar, A. Bhalla, N. Bhardwaj, P. Bhardwaj, S. Bhaumik, A. Bijani, A. Boloor, T. Cai, F. Carvalho, D.-T. Chu, R. A. S. Couto, X. Dai, A. A. Desta, H. T. Do, L. Earl, A. Eftekhari, F. Esmaeilzadeh, F. Farzadfar, E. Fernandes, I. Filip, M. Foroutan, R. C. Franklin, A. M. Gaidhane, B. G. Gebregiorgis, B. Gebremichael, A. Ghashghaee, M. Golechha, S. Hamidi, S. E. Haque, K. Hayat, C. Herteliu, O. S. Ilesanmi, M. M. Islam, J. Jagnoor, T. Kanchan, N. Kapoor, E. A. Khan, M. N. Khatib, R. Khundkar, K. Krishan, G. A. Kumar, N. Kumar, I. Landires, S. S. Lim, M. Madadin, V. Maled, N. Manafi, L. B. Marczak, R. G. Menezes, T. J. Meretoja, T. R. Miller, A. Mohammadian-Hafshejani, A. H. Mokdad, F. N. P. Monteiro, M. Moradi, V. C. Nayak, C. T. Nguyen, H. L. T. Nguyen, V. Nuñez-Samudio, S. M. Ostroff, J. R. Padubidri, H. Q. Pham, M. Pinheiro, M. Pirestani, Z. Quazi Syed, N. Rabiee, A. Radfar, V. Rahimi-Movaghar, S. J. Rao, P. Rastogi, D. L. Rawaf, S. Rawaf, R. C. Reiner, A. Sahebkar, A. M. Samy, M. Sawhney, D. C. Schwebel, S. Senthilkumaran, M. A. Shaikh, V. Y. Skryabin, A. A. Skryabina, A. Soheili, M. A. Stokes, R. Thapar, M. R. Tovani-Palone, B. X. Tran, R. S. Travillian, D. Z. Velazquez, Z.-J. Zhang, M. Naghavi, R. Dandona, L. Dandona, S. L. James, D. M. Pigott, C. J. L. Murray, S. I. Hay, T. Vos, K. L. Ong, and G. B. D. S. E. Collaborators. 2022. Global mortality of snakebite envenoming between 1990 and 2019. Nature Communications 13:6160.   Download

Taylor, S. M., J. How, M. J. Travers, S. J. Newman, S. Mountford, D. Waltrick, C. E. Dowling, A. Denham, and D. J. Gaughan. 2022. SMART drumlines ineffective in catching white sharks in the high energy capes region of western Australia: acoustic detections confirm that sharks are not always amenable to capture. Biology 11:1537.   Download

Wiget, A., and O. Balalaeva. 2022. Sharing the world with bears: conflict and coexistence in the Siberian Taiga. Human Ecology.   Download


Yeshey, R. M. Ford, R. J. Keenan, and C. R. Nitschke. 2022. Subsistence farmers understanding of the effects of indirect impacts of human wildlife conflict on their psychosocial well-being in Bhutan. Sustainability 14:14050.   Download

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