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January 2023 additions to the library



Bombieri, G., V. Penteriani, K. Almasieh, H. Ambarlı, M. R. Ashrafzadeh, C. S. Das, N. Dharaiya, R. Hoogesteijn, A. Hoogesteijn, D. Ikanda, W. Jędrzejewski, M. Kaboli, A. Kirilyuk, A. K. Jangid, R. K. Sharma, H. Kushnir, B. R. Lamichhane, A. Mohammadi, O. Monroy-Vilchis, J. M. Mukeka, I. Nikolaev, O. Ohrens, C. Packer, P. Pedrini, S. Ratnayeke, I. Seryodkin, T. Sharp, H. S. Palei, T. Smith, A. Subedi, F. Tortato, K. Yamazaki, and M. d. M. Delgado. 2023. A worldwide perspective on large carnivore attacks on humans. PLOS Biology 21:e3001946.   Download


König, H. J., C. Kiffner, K. Kuhls, S. Uthes, V. Harms, and R. Wieland. 2023. Planning for wolf-livestock coexistence: landscape context predicts livestock depredation risk in agricultural landscapes. animal:100719.   Download


Nesbitt, H. K., A. L. Metcalf, E. C. Metcalf, C. M. Costello, L. L. Roberts, M. S. Lewis, and J. A. Gude. Human dimensions of grizzly bear conservation: the social factors underlying satisfaction and coexistence beliefs in Montana, USA. Conservation Science and Practice n/a:e12885.   Download


Ostermann-Miyashita, E.-F., N. Pernat, H. J. König, K. Hemminger, N. Gandl, S. D. Bellingrath-Kimura, S. Hibler, and C. Kiffner. 2023. Attitudes of wildlife park visitors towards returning wildlife species: an analysis of patterns and correlates. Biological Conservation 278:109878.   Download


Pop, M. I., M. A. Dyck, S. Chiriac, B. Lajos, S. Szabó, C. I. Iojă, and V. D. Popescu. 2023. Predictors of brown bear predation events on livestock in the Romanian Carpathians. Conservation Science and Practice 5:e12884.   Download


Shahi, K., S. Aryal, R. K. Blon, and G. Khanal. 2023. Examining livestock depredation and the determinants of people's attitudes towards snow leopards in the Himalayas of Nepal. Oryx:1-8.   Download

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