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September 2023 additions to the library



de Silva, S., K. Ruppert, J. Knox, E. O. Davis, U. S. Weerathunga, and J. A. Glikman. 2023. Experiences and emotional responses of farming communities living with Asian elephants in southern Sri Lanka. Trees, Forests and People:100441.   Download

Dertien, J. S., H. Negi, E. Dinerstein, R. Krishnamurthy, H. S. Negi, R. Gopal, S. Gulick, S. K. Pathak, M. Kapoor, P. Yadav, M. Benitez, M. Ferreira, A. J. Wijnveen, A. T. L. Lee, B. Wright, and R. F. Baldwin. 2023. Mitigating human–wildlife conflict and monitoring endangered tigers using a real-time camera-based alert system. Bioscience.   Download

Ditmer, M. A., G. Wittemyer, K. A. Zeller, S. W. Breck, R. J. Fletcher Jr, and K. R. Crooks. 2023. Predicting dispersal and conflict risk for wolf recolonization in Colorado. Journal of Applied Ecology.   Download

International Institute for Environment and Development, AB Entheos, Institute of Policy Studies of Sri Lanka, Seratu Aatai, Actuarial Partners, and Zoological Society of London. 2023. Insurance to promote human-wildlife coexistence: a guide for governments, conservationists and insurers. IIED, London.   Download

Kimaro, M. H., and C. Hughes. 2023. Conditions of conflict: exploring pastoralist resettlement in relation to African lion conservation. Society & Natural Resources:1-22.   External resource

Lamb, C. T., L. Smit, G. Mowat, B. McLellan, and M. Proctor. 2023. Unsecured attractants, collisions, and high mortality strain coexistence between grizzly bears and people in the Elk Valley, southeast British Columbia. Conservation Science and Practice n/a:e13012.   Download


Lino, S., M. Rossa, J. M. Fernandes, T. Barros, A. Lino, D. Hipólito, E. Ferreira, S. C. Aliácar, D. Cadete, C. Fonseca, R. T. Torres, L. M. Rosalino, and J. Carvalho. 2023. Dog in sheep’s clothing: livestock depredation by free-ranging dogs may pose new challenges to wolf conservation. European Journal of Wildlife Research 69:107.   Download

Newsom, A., Z. Sebesvari, and I. Dorresteijn. 2023. Climate change influences the risk of physically harmful human-wildlife interactions. Biological Conservation 286:110255.   Download

Poudel, S., J. P. Twining, R. C. Stedman, S. K. Ghimire, and A. K. Fuller. 2023. Ecological and anthropogenic drivers of leopard (Panthera pardus fusca) attack occurrence on humans in Nepal. People and Nature.   Download

Shipley, O. N., J. A. Olin, C. Scott, M. Camhi, and M. G. Frisk. 2023. Emerging human-shark conflicts in the New York Bight: a call for expansive science and management. Journal of Fish Biology.   Download

Songhurst, A. 2023. Probing the complexities of actual and perceived levels of human-elephant conflict in the Okavango, Botswana. Diversity 15:890.   Download

Tallian, A., J. Mattisson, G. Samelius, J. Odden, C. Mishra, J. D. C. Linnell, P. Lkhagvajav, and Ö. Johansson. 2023. Wild versus domestic prey: variation in the kill-site behavior of two large felids. Global Ecology and Conservation 47:e02650.   Download

van de Water, A., S. Doornwaard, L. Sluiter, M. Henley, C. Sutherland, and R. Slotow. 2023. Resolving conservation conflicts through shared vision, collective benefits and relevant values. Diversity 15:1041.   Download

Widén, A., J. P. G. M. Cromsigt, S. Dressel, A. M. Felton, N. J. Singh, and F. Widemo. 2023. Direct and indirect effects of food, fear and management on crop damage by ungulates. Ecological Solutions and Evidence 4:e12266.   Download

Wilkes, R., H. E. Prozesky, C. G. Stannard, D. Cilliers, J. Stiller, and K. Whitehouse-Tedd. 2023. Recruitment and satisfaction of commercial livestock farmers participating in a livestock guarding dog programme. Journal of Vertebrate Biology 72.   Download


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