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December 2022 additions to the library



Askren, R. J., M. W. Eichholz, C. M. Sharp, B. E. Washburn, S. F. Beckerman, C. K. Pullins, A. M. V. Fournier, J. A. Vonbank, M. D. Weegman, H. M. Hagy, and M. P. Ward. Behavioral responses of Canada geese to winter harassment in the context of human-wildlife conflicts. Wildlife Society Bulletin n/a:e1384.   Download

Campos-Arceiz, A., J. A. de la Torre, K. Wei, X. O. Wu, Y. Zhang, Y. Zhu, Z. Yang, S. Chen, Y. Bai, R. T. Corlett, and F. Chen. 2022. China's wandering elephants: integrating exceptional movements into conservation planning. Integrative Conservation 1:40-51.   Download


Dunford, C. E. 2022. Poisoning of big cats. Current Biology 32:R1334-R1335.   External resource


Gomez, J., N. van Vliet, and N. Canales. 2022. The values of wildlife revisited. Ecology and Society 27.   Download


Ji, Y., X. Wei, F. Liu, D. Li, J. Li, X. Huang, J. Jiang, and J. Tang. 2022. Assessing the spatial-temporal patterns of conflicts between humans and Asiatic black bears (Ursus thibetanus) around the Gaoligongshan Nature Reserve, China. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 10.   Download


Kiffner, C., S. Uthes, E.-F. Ostermann-Miyashita, V. Harms, and H. J. König. 2022. Patterns of livestock loss associated with a recolonizing wolf population in Germany. Frontiers in Conservation Science 3.   Download


Klees van Bommel, J., C. Sun, A. T. Ford, M. Todd, and A. C. Burton. 2022. Coexistence or conflict: black bear habitat use along an urban-wildland gradient. Plos One 17:e0276448.   Download


Kyokuhaire, A. M., C. A. Chapman, P. A. Omeja, D. M. Tumusiime, B. Y. Abwoli, and M. J. Lawes. Mitigating crop raiding by forest elephants and baboons at Kibale National Park. African Journal of Ecology n/a.   External resource


Montero-Botey, M., and R. Perea. 2022. An increasing human-elephant conflict? Impact of African elephant on cultivated cashew trees. European Journal of Wildlife Research 69:5.   External resource


Neo, W. H. Y., M. I. Lubis, and J. S. H. Lee. 2022. Settlements and plantations are sites of human–tiger interactions in Riau, Indonesia. Oryx:1-5.   Download


Pierre, M. A., K. S. Jacobsen, M. T. Hallett, A.-E. M. Harris, A. Melville, H. Barnabus, and C. Sillero-Zubiri. 2023. Drivers of human–black caiman (Melanosuchus niger) conflict in Indigenous communities in the North Rupununi wetlands, southwestern Guyana. Conservation Science and Practice 5:e12848.   Download


Vasudev, D., R. J. Fletcher, N. Srinivas, A. J. Marx, and V. R. Goswami. 2023. Mapping the connectivity–conflict interface to inform conservation. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 120:e2211482119.   Download


Wilder, J. M., L. S. Mangipane, T. Atwood, A. Kochnev, T. Smith, and D. Vongraven. 2023. Efficacy of bear spray as a deterrent against polar bears. Wildlife Society Bulletin 47:e1403.   Download

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