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May 2023 additions to the library



Basak, S. M., E. Rostovskaya, J. Birks, and I. A. Wierzbowska. 2023. Perceptions and attitudes to understand human-wildlife conflict in an urban landscape – a systematic review. Ecological Indicators 151:110319.   Download


Börger, T., K. Mmonwa, and D. Campbell. 2023. Hazardous human–wildlife encounters, risk attitudes, and the value of shark nets for coastal recreation. American Journal of Agricultural Economics.   Download


Caiza-Villegas, A., F. Ginn, and B. van Hoven. 2023. Learning to live with synanthropic bats: practices of tolerance and care in domestic space. Social & Cultural Geography:1-19.   Download


Doney, E. D., B. Frank, Z. Khan, T. Windle, A. T. Ford, C. Olive, J. K. Scherger, B. Williams, D. Hetu, D. Peters, Wišqii, Y. Zharikov, B. Hansen, S. Forbes, S. Coulson, and D. A. Clark. 2023. Wild about wolves: using collaboration and innovation to bridge parks, people, and predators. Conservation Science and Practice 5:e12949.   Download


Elbroch, L. M., and A. Treves. 2023. Why might removing carnivores maintain or increase risks for domestic animals? Biological Conservation 283:110106.   Download


Fehlmann, G., M. J. O'Riain, C. Kerr-Smith, S. Hailes, M. Holton, P. Hopkins, and A. J. King. 2023. Using behavioral studies to adapt management decisions and reduce negative interactions between humans and baboons in Cape Town, South Africa. Conservation Science and Practice n/a:e12948.   Download


Flores, C., G. Lichtenstein, and A. Schiavini. 2023. Human–wildlife conflicts in Patagonia: ranchers’ perceptions of guanaco Lama guanicoe abundance. Oryx:1-11.   Download


Glikman, J. A., B. Frank, D. D'Amico, L. Boitani, and P. Ciucci. 2023. Sharing land with bears: insights toward effective coexistence. Journal for Nature Conservation:126421.   Download


Hahn, N. R., J. Wall, K. Denninger-Snyder, W. Sairowua, M. Goss, S. Ndambuki, E. Eblate, N. Mbise, S. Kiambi, and G. Wittemyer. 2023. Staging behaviours identify spatial and temporal risk of human-wildlife conflict. Journal of Applied Ecology.   Download


Jain, V., and K. K. Karanth. 2023. Living alongside otters: examining human-otter interactions and attitudes towards otters in Central India for conservation in shared landscapes. Biodiversity and Conservation.   External resource


Jansen, C., A. J. Leslie, B. Cristescu, K. J. Teichman, and Q. E. Martins. 2023. Leopards living at the farmland-protected area interface prefer wild prey but consume high biomass of livestock. African Journal of Ecology.   Download


Komi, S., and A. Nygren. 2023. Bad wolves? Political ecology of responsibility and more-than-human perspectives in human–wildlife interactions. Society & Natural Resources:1-19.   Download


Mahajan, P., R. Chaudhary, A. Kazi, and D. Khandal. 2022. Spatial determinants of livestock depredation and human attitude toward wolves in Kailadevi Wildlife Sanctuary, Rajasthan, India. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 10.   Download


Schroeder, S. A., A. C. Landon, D. C. Fulton, and L. E. McInenly. 2022. On the multiple identities of stakeholders in wolf management in Minnesota, United States. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 10.   Download


Shivakumar, S., D. Carricondo-Sánchez, V. Athreya, M. Odden, S. P. Dhiman, S. Vaidyanathan, and K. K. Karanth. 2023. Examining leopard attacks: spatio-temporal clustering of human injuries and deaths in Western Himalayas, India. Frontiers in Conservation Science 4.   Download


Singer, L., X. Wietlisbach, R. Hickisch, E. M. Schoell, C. Leuenberger, A. Van den Broek, M. Désalme, K. Driesen, M. Lyly, F. Marucco, M. Kutal, N. Pagon, C. R. Papp, P. Milioni, R. Uzdras, I. Zihmanis, F. Zimmermann, K. Marsden, K. Hackländer, J. V. López-Bao, S. Klenzendorf, and D. Wegmann. 2023. The spatial distribution and temporal trends of livestock damages caused by wolves in Europe. Biological Conservation 282:110039.   Download


Slagle, K. M., R. S. Wilson, and J. T. Bruskotter. 2022. Tolerance for wolves in the United States. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 10.   Download


Torrents-Ticó, M., F. Broekhuis, D. Burgas, M. Cabeza, E. Miliko, T. T. Komoi, and Á. Fernández-Llamazares. 2023. Using the centre-periphery framework to explore human-carnivore relations. Biological Conservation 283:110125.   Download

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