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February 2022 additions to the library



Amelot, M., F. Plard, C. Guinet, J. P. Y. Arnould, N. Gasco, and P. Tixier. 2022. Increasing numbers of killer whale individuals use fisheries as feeding opportunities within subantarctic populations. Biology Letters 18:20210328.  External resource

Anand, S., and S. Radhakrishna. 2022. Collective movement decision-making in primates in crop-raiding contexts. Behavioural Processes:104604.  External resource

Corbit, A. G., and W. K. Hayes. 2022. Human-wildlife conflict at a suburban-wildlands interface: effects of short- and long-distance translocations on red diamond rattlesnake (Crotalus ruber) activity and survival. Diversity 14:130.  Download

Ferraz, K. M. P. M. d. B., S. Marchini, J. A. Bogoni, R. M. Paolino, M. Landis, R. Fusco-Costa, M. Magioli, L. P. Munhoes, B. H. Saranholi, Y. G. G. Ribeiro, J. A. d. Domini, G. S. Magezi, J. C. Z. Gebin, H. Ermenegildo, P. M. Galetti Junior, M. Galetti, A. Zimmermann, and A. G. Chiarello. 2022. Best of both worlds: combining ecological and social research to inform conservation decisions in a Neotropical biodiversity hotspot. Journal for Nature Conservation 66:126146.  External resource


Fiasco, V., and K. Massarella. 2022. Human-wildlife coexistence: business as usual conservation or an opportunity for transformative change? Conservation & Society.  External resource

Mayer, M., K. Olsen, B. Schulz, J. Matzen, C. Nowak, P. F. Thomsen, M. M. Hansen, C. Vedel-Smith, and P. Sunde. 2022. Occurrence and livestock depredation patterns by wolves in highly cultivated landscapes. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 10.  Download

Sevillano-Triguero, V., F. Talayero, J. V. López-Bao, and S. Estrella-Aguirre. 2022. The social stereotypes of wolves and brown bears. Human Dimensions of Wildlife:1-16.  External resource

White, P. A., and B. Van Valkenburgh. 2022. Low-cost forensics reveal high rates of non-lethal snaring and shotgun injuries in Zambia's large carnivores. Frontiers in Conservation Science 3.  Download

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