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December 2021 additions to the library



Auster, R. E., S. W. Barr, and R. E. Brazier. 2021. Renewed coexistence: learning from steering group stakeholders on a beaver reintroduction project in England. European Journal of Wildlife Research 68:1.  Download

Boudreau, M. R., M. G. Gantchoff, C. Ramirez-Reyes, L. Conlee, J. L. Belant, and R. B. Iglay. 2021. Using habitat suitability and landscape connectivity in the spatial prioritization of public outreach and management during carnivore recolonization. Journal of Applied Ecology.  External resource

Eriksson, L., M. Johansson, J. Månsson, S. M. Redpath, C. Sandström, and J. Elmberg. 2021. Individuals and multilevel management: a study of the perceived adaptive capacity of the goose management system among farmers in Sweden. Society & Natural Resources:1-19.  Download

Freeman, S., B. Lawhon, P. Newman, and B. Derrick Taff. 2021. Food storage on the Appalachian trail: a theory of planned behavior approach to understanding backpacker bear canister use. Journal of Interpretation Research 26:73-95.  External resource

French, L. A., S. R. Midway, D. H. Evans, and G. H. Burgess. 2021. Shark side of the moon: are shark attacks related to lunar phase? Frontiers in Marine Science 8.  Download

Lu, Q., L. Xiao, C. Cheng, Z. Lu, J. Zhao, and M. Yao. 2021. Snow leopard dietary preferences and livestock predation revealed by fecal DNA metabarcoding: no evidence for apparent competition between wild and domestic prey. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 9.  Download

McConnell, I., L. Marker, and N. Rooney. 2022. Preliminary investigation into personality and effectiveness of livestock guarding dogs in Namibia. Journal of Veterinary Behavior 48:11-19.  External resource

Morehouse, A. T., C. Hughes, N. Manners, J. Bectell, and J. Tigner. 2021. Dealing with deadstock: a case study of carnivore conflict mitigation from southwestern Alberta. Frontiers in Conservation Science 2.  Download

Pahuja, M., and R. K. Sharma. 2021. Wild predators, livestock, and free ranging dogs: patterns of livestock mortality and attitudes of people toward predators in an urbanizing Trans-Himalayan landscape. Frontiers in Conservation Science 2.  Download

Sibanda, L., P. J. Johnson, E. van der Meer, C. Hughes, B. Dlodlo, L. J. Mathe, J. E. Hunt, R. H. Parry, D. W. Macdonald, and A. J. Loveridge. 2021. Effectiveness of community-based livestock protection strategies: a case study of human–lion conflict mitigation. Oryx:1-9.  Download

Soga, M., and K. J. Gaston. 2021. Towards a unified understanding of human–nature interactions. Nature Sustainability.  External resource

Uduman, A., S. Hagerman, E. Kroc, A. Watson, A. Kittle, and A. C. Burton. 2021. Attitudes towards the Sri Lankan leopard Panthera pardus kotiya in two rural communities. Oryx:1-9.  Download

Zuluaga, S., F. H. Vargas, S. Kohn, and J. M. Grande. 2021. Top-down local management, perceived contribution to people, and actual detriments influence a rampant human‒top predator conflict in the Neotropics. Perspectives in Ecology and Conservation.  Download


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