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June 2023 additions to the library

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Breck, S. W., J. T. Schultz, D. Prause, C. Krebs, A. J. Giordano, and B. Boots. 2023. Integrating robotics into wildlife conservation: testing improvements to predator deterrents through movement. Peerj 11:e15491.   Download

Drouilly, M., N. Nattrass, and M. J. O’Riain. 2023. Small-livestock farmers’ perceived effectiveness of predation control methods and the correlates of reported illegal poison use in the South African Karoo. Ambio.   Download

Fletcher, R., K. Massarella, K. M. P. M. B. Ferraz, W. A. Kiwango, S. Komi, M. B. Mabele, S. Marchini, A. Nygren, L. T. Sandroni, P. S. Alagona, and A. McInturff. 2023. The production-protection nexus: how political-economic processes influence prospects for transformative change in human-wildlife interactions. Global Environmental Change 82:102723.   Download

Ibbett, H., J. P. G. Jones, L. Dorward, E. M. Kohi, A. A. Dwiyahreni, K. Prayitno, S. Sankeni, J. Kaduma, J. Mchomvu, A. Wijaya Saputra, H. Sabiladiyni, J. Supriatna, and F. A. V. St John. 2023. A mixed methods approach for measuring topic sensitivity in conservation. People and Nature.   Download

Khanyari, M., R. Dorjay, S. Lobzang, A. Bijoor, and K. Suryawanshi. 2023. Co-designing conservation interventions through participatory action research in the Indian Trans-Himalaya. Ecological Solutions and Evidence 4:e12232.   Download

Miller, E. N., V. Trim, N. J. Lunn, D. McGeachy, and A. E. Derocher. 2023. Post-conflict movements of polar bears in western Hudson Bay, Canada. Arctic Science.   Download

Poerting, J. 2023. Infrastructure as biopolitics: fencing, categorizing and valuing animals for wolf conservation in Germany. Political Geography 105:102926.   Download

Zanni, M., F. Brivio, D. Berzi, S. Calderola, S. Luccarini, L. Costanzi, F. Dartora, and M. Apollonio. 2023. A report of short-term aversive conditioning on a wolf documented through telemetry. European Journal of Wildlife Research 69:64.   Download

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