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November 2021 additions to the library

Grizzly bears in a yard in Canada - James Stevens.JPG


Araneda, P., O. Ohrens, and J. T. Ibarra. 2021. Socioeconomic development and ecological traits as predictors of human-bird conflicts. Conservation Biology.  External resource

Bijoor, A., M. Khanyari, R. Dorjay, S. Lobzang, and K. Suryawanshi. 2021. A need for context-based conservation: incorporating local knowledge to mitigate livestock predation by large carnivores. Frontiers in Conservation Science 2.  Download

Casselberry, G. A., E. M. Markowitz, K. Alves, J. Dello Russo, G. B. Skomal, and A. J. Danylchuk. 2022. When fishing bites: understanding angler responses to shark depredation. Fisheries Research 246:106174.  External resource

Corcoran, W., and B. Fisher. 2021. Life with big cats: local perceptions of big cat species. Animal Conservation.  External resource

Gálvez, N., F. A. V. St. John, and Z. G. Davies. 2021. Drivers of predator killing by rural residents and recommendations for fostering coexistence in agricultural landscapes. Frontiers in Conservation Science 2.  Download

Hahn, N. R., J. Wall, K. Denninger-Snyder, M. Goss, W. Sairowua, N. Mbise, A. B. Estes, S. Ndambuki, E. E. Mjingo, I. Douglas-Hamiliton, and G. Wittemyer. 2021. Risk perception and tolerance shape variation in agricultural use for a transboundary elephant population. Journal of Animal Ecology.  External resource

Herrero, J., A. García-Serrano, R. Reiné, V. Ferrer, R. Azón, J. V. López-Bao, and G. Palomero. 2021. Challenges for recovery of large carnivores in humanized countries: attitudes and knowledge of sheep farmers towards brown bear in Western Pyrenees, Spain. European Journal of Wildlife Research 67:105.  Download

Klich, D., M. Sobczuk, S. M. Basak, I. A. Wierzbowska, A. Tallian, M. Hędrzak, B. Popczyk, and K. Żoch. 2021. Predation on livestock as an indicator of drastic prey decline? The indirect effects of an African swine fever epidemic on predator–prey relations in Poland. Ecological Indicators 133:108419.  Download

Kudrenko, S., A. Ordiz, F. Stytsenko, S. L. Barysheva, S. Bartalev, L. Baskin, and J. E. Swenson. 2021. Brown bear-caused human injuries and fatalities in Russia are linked to human encroachment. Animal Conservation.  Download

Macdonald, S. L., M. Bradford, A. McKeown, E. Vanderduys, A. Hoskins, and D. Westcott. 2020. Camp site habitat preferences of the little red flying-fox (Pteropus scapulatus) in Queensland. Australian Journal of Zoology 68:234-253.  Download

Marchini, S., K. M. P. M. B. Ferraz, V. Foster, T. Reginato, A. Kotz, Y. Barros, A. Zimmermann, and D. W. Macdonald. 2021. Planning for human-wildlife coexistence: conceptual framework, workshop process, and a model for transdisciplinary collaboration. Frontiers in Conservation Science 2.  Download

Mathiesen, K. E., M. Barmoen, K. M. Bærum, and M. Johansson. 2021. Trust in researchers and researchers' statements in large carnivore conservation. People and Nature.  Download

McPherson, S. C., P. Sumasgutner, B. H. Hoffman, B. D. L. Padbury, M. Brown, T. P. Caine, and C. T. Downs. 2021. Surviving the urban jungle: anthropogenic threats, wildlife-conflicts, and management recommendations for African crowned eagles. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 9.  Download

Nettles, J. M., M. T. Brownlee, and D. Jachowski. 2021. American residents' knowledge of brown bear safety and appropriate human behavior. Ursus 32:1-16.  External resource

Niedziałkowski, K., A. Sidorovich, V. Kireyeu, and A. Shkaruba. 2021. Stimuli and barriers to innovation in wildlife policy – long-term institutional analysis of wolf management in Belarus. Innovation: The European Journal of Social Science Research:1-21.  External resource

Pettersson, H. L., C. H. Quinn, G. Holmes, and S. M. Sait. 2021. “They belong here”: understanding the conditions of human-wolf coexistence in north-western Spain. Conservation & Society.  External resource

Powell, J., J. C. Axmacher, J. D. C. Linnell, and S. M. Durant. 2021. Diverse locations and a long history: historical context for urban leopards (Panthera pardus) in the early anthropocene from Seoul, Korea. Frontiers in Conservation Science 2.  Download

Tidwell, K. S., B. A. Carrothers, D. T. Blumstein, and Z. A. Schakner. 2021. Steller seal lion (Eumetopias jubatus) response to non-lethal hazing at Bonneville dam. Frontiers in Conservation Science 2.  Download

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