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May 2022 additions to the library

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Barnett, A., R. Fitzpatrick, M. Bradley, I. Miller, M. Sheaves, A. Chin, B. Smith, A. Diedrich, J. L. Yick, N. Lubitz, K. Crook, C. Mattone, M. B. Bennett, L. Wojtach, and K. Abrantes. 2022. Scientific response to a cluster of shark bites. People and Nature.   Download

Chausson, A., H. Gurd, J. Foley, S. Bhalla, J. Lekilelei, T. Otieno, B. Lejale, P. Lenasalia, and E. J. Milner-Gulland. 2022. Evaluating the impact of Warrior Watch: behaviour change to promote human-lion coexistence. Biological Conservation 271:109571.   Download

Fidino, M., E. W. Lehrer, C. A. M. Kay, N. T. Yarmey, M. H. Murray, K. Fake, H. C. Adams, and S. B. Magle. 2022. Integrated species distribution models reveal spatiotemporal patterns of human–wildlife conflict. Ecological Applications n/a:e2647.   External resource

Filla, M., R. P. Lama, T. R. Ghale, T. Filla, M. Heurich, M. Waltert, and I. Khorozyan. 2022. Blue sheep strongly affect snow leopard relative abundance but not livestock depredation in the Annapurna Conservation Area, Nepal. Global Ecology and Conservation:e02153.   Download

Fry, T., A. Marino, and S. Nijhawan. 2022. ‘Killing with care’: locating ethical congruence in multispecies political ecology. ACME: An International Journal for Critical Geographies 21:226-246.   Download

Griffin, L. L., A. Haigh, K. Conteddu, M. Andaloc, P. McDonnell, and S. Ciuti. 2022. Reducing risky interactions: identifying barriers to the successful management of human–wildlife conflict in an urban parkland. People and Nature.   Download

Harris, A.-E., G. Maharaj, M. T. Hallett, M. A. Pierre, C. Chesney, and A. Melville. 2022. Influence of diet overlap and nest-site aggression on human–black caiman conflict in Guyana. Human Dimensions of Wildlife:1-10.   Download

Hodges, C. W., B. M. Marshall, J. G. Hill, and C. T. Strine. 2022. Malayan kraits (Bungarus candidus) show affinity to anthropogenic structures in a human dominated landscape. Scientific Reports 12:7139.   Download

Jacobsen, K. S., E. D. Sandorf, A. J. Loveridge, A. J. Dickman, P. J. Johnson, S. Mourato, D. Contu, and D. W. Macdonald. 2022. What is a lion worth to local people – quantifying of the costs of living alongside a top predator. Ecological Economics 198:107431.   External resource

Kachel, S., K. Anderson, and Q. Shokirov. 2022. Predicting carnivore habitat use and livestock depredation risk with false-positive multi-state occupancy models. Biological Conservation 271:109588.   External resource

Lacroux, C., B. Robira, N. Kane-Maguire, N. Guma, and S. Krief. 2022. Between forest and croplands: nocturnal behavior in wild chimpanzees of Sebitoli, Kibale National Park, Uganda. Plos One 17:e0268132.   Download

Manoa, D. O., S. Melubo, S. Kasaine, P. Banham, J. Willie, T. Oloo, E. Greengrass, and N. Tagg. 2022. Drivers of predator-proof boma disrepair in the Amboseli Ecosystem, Kenya. Oryx:1-9.   Download

Martin, C. L., B. Curley, K. Wolfenden, M. Green, and N. A. Moltschaniwskyj. 2022. The social dimension to the New South Wales Shark Management Strategy, 2015–2020, Australia: lessons learned. Marine Policy 141:105079.   Download

Vargas, S. P., M. Hargreaves, J. P. Del Valle, A. Hodges, E. Beltrami, M. F. Toledo, and G. Sapaj-Aguilera. 2022. Coexistence in times of climate crisis: a participatory mapping to understanding conservation conflicts in the Central Andes of Chile. Frontiers in Conservation Science 3.   Download

Westbrook, C. J., and K. England. 2022. Relative effectiveness of four different guards in preventing beaver cutting of urban trees. Environmental Management.   External resource

Widén, A., M. Clinchy, A. M. Felton, T. R. Hofmeester, D. P. J. Kuijper, N. J. Singh, F. Widemo, L. Y. Zanette, and J. P. G. M. Cromsigt. 2022. Playbacks of predator vocalizations reduce crop damage by ungulates. Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment 328:107853.   Download

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