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August 2022 additions to the library



Banerjee, S., and S. Sharma. 2021. En-gendering human-wildlife interactions in Northeast India: towards decolonized conservation. Journal of Political Ecology 28.  Download

Chua, L., V. Schreer, and P. H. Thung. 2022. Using ethnographic research for social engagement: a toolkit for orangutan (and other) conservationists.  Download

Hohbein, R. R., and J. B. Abrams. 2022. Conservation, human-wildlife conflict, and decentralised governance complexities beyond incomplete devolution. Conservation and Society.  External resource

Htay, T., T. H. Ringsby, E. Røskaft, and P. S. Ranke. 2022. Promoting bird conservation in wetland-associated landscapes: factors influencing avian crop damage and farmers’ attitudes. Global Ecology and Conservation 38:e02212.  Download

Jolly, H., T. Satterfield, M. Kandlikar, and S. TR. 2022. Indigenous insights on human–wildlife coexistence in southern India. Conservation Biology n/a:e13981.  External resource

Kansky, R. 2022. Unpacking the challenges of wildlife governance in community-based conservation programs to promote human–wildlife coexistence. Conservation Science and Practice n/a:e12791.  Download

Khosravi, R., H. Y. Wan, M.-R. Sadeghi, and S. A. Cushman. 2022. Identifying human–brown bear conflict hotspots for prioritizing critical habitat and corridor conservation in southwestern Iran. Animal Conservation.  External resource

King, L., N. Raja, M. Kumar, and N. Heath. 2022. Save the Elephants' HEC Toolbox, English edition 1, Nairobi, Kenya.  Download

Lecuyer, L., S. Calmé, B. Schmook, and R. M. White. 2022. Conservation conflict hotspots: mapping impacts, risk perception and tolerance for sustainable conservation management. Frontiers in Conservation Science 3.  Download

Meyer, M., and J. Börner. 2022. Rural livelihoods, community-based conservation, and human–wildlife conflict: scope for synergies? Biological Conservation 272:109666.  Download

Pooley, S. 2022. The challenge of compassion in predator conservation. Frontiers in Psychology 13.  Download

Robinson, D., S. P. Newman, M. J. Whittingham, R. M. Francksen, M. S. Adam, and S. M. Stead. 2022. Fisher–shark interactions: a loss of support for the Maldives shark sanctuary from reef fishers whose livelihoods are affected by shark depredation. Conservation Letters n/a:e12912.  Download

Sands, D. 2022. Dewilding 'wolf-land' exploring the historical dimensions of human-wildlife conflict and coexistence in Ireland. Conservation and Society 20:257-267.  Download

Sargent, R., O. S. Rakotonarivo, S. P. Rushton, B. Cascio, A. Grau, A. R. Bell, N. Bunnefeld, A. Dickman, and M. Pfeifer. 2022. An experimental game to examine pastoralists' preferences for human–lion coexistence strategies. People and Nature.  Download

Seegobin, V. O., R. Z. Oleksy, and F. B. V. Florens. 2022. Foraging and roosting patterns of a repeatedly mass-culled island flying fox reveals opportunities to mitigate human–wildlife conflict. Biodiversity:1-12.  External resource

Soofi, M., M. Soufi, A. Royle, M. Waltert, and I. Khorozyan. 2022. Numbers and presence of guarding dogs affect wolf and leopard predation on livestock in northeastern Iran. Basic and Applied Ecology.  Download

Thomsen, J. M., E. C. Metcalf, K. Coe, and A. R. Ocañas. 2022. Thru-hikers’ attitudes about potential management actions for interactions with grizzly bears along the Pacific Northwest National Scenic Trail. Journal of Outdoor Recreation and Tourism 39:100557.  External resource

Uyeda, L. T., Ardiantiono, E. Iskandar, A. J. Wirsing, and R. C. Kyes. 2022. Snakebite envenomation, attitudes, and behavior toward snakes in Banten, Indonesia. Animals 12:2051.  Download

Vogel, S. M., A. C. Songhurst, G. McCulloch, and A. Stronza. 2022. Understanding farmers' reasons behind mitigation decisions is key in supporting their coexistence with wildlife. People and Nature.  Download

WildTeam. 2022. Stakeholder engagement for wildlife conservation v1. WildTeam, Cornwall, UK.  Download

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