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What is human-wildlife conflict?

Human-wildlife conflict is one of the most complex and urgent challenges for wildlife conservation around the world. It typically involves situations in which a threatened species poses a direct threat to people and their livelihoods, resulting in retaliation against the species they blame for this.

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Who we are

The IUCN SSC Human-Wildlife Conflict Task Force is a global advisory group of experts from a range of subjects working on interdisciplinary approaches to wildlife conservation.

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What we do

Interdisciplinary approaches are needed to mitigate and prevent human-wildlife conflicts. The Task Force supports the IUCN network, conservation practitioners and international organisations around the world with guidance and information on best practice in this field.

Our approach
Human Wildlife Conflict


One of the roles of the Task Force is to provide guidance and collate information to support conservation practitioners working on human-wildlife conflict and related issues. In our document library you will find some of the key literature on many human-wildlife conflict topics and species. The Task Force will also be producing guidance on key topics including assessing conflict, understanding the conservationist's role in human-wildlife conflict, conflict analysis and engaging with stakeholders.