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IUCN World Conservation Congress highlights and press conference

The Chair, Programme Officer and several members of the Task Force attended the IUCN World Conservation Congress held in Marseille, France in September 2021. Following the approval of IUCN Resolution (WCC 2020 Res 101) on Addressing Human-Wildlife Conflict, by 99% in 2020, attendance at the congress provided a great opportunity to discuss human-wildlife conflict with a diverse range of stakeholders attending both in-person and virtually.

The group supported several activities focussed on the topic of human-wildlife conflict and held a press conference on addressing the global challenge of human-wildlife conflict to discuss what action is needed to achieve human-wildlife coexistence, and how IUCN is convening efforts for improving knowledge and practice to this aim. We had an excellent turnout to the event and a recording for it can be found in English, French and Spanish here.

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