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Dr Hollie Booth

Research Fellow, ICCS, University of Oxford
Sharks & Rays Advisor, Wildlife Conservation Society

Member, Indonesia

I am an interdisciplinary conservation scientist with over a decade of academic and practical experience in designing, implementing, and assessing the impact of conservation interventions. I am particularly interested in applying methods from economic, social, and behavioural sciences to design conservation interventions that are cost-effective and equitable. I recently completed a DPhil in Zoology at the University of Oxford on Interdisciplinary Approaches to Sharks & Ray Conservation, which aimed to understand and address the underlying socio-economic drivers of shark overfishing. I also have an MSc in Conservation Science (Distinction) from Imperial College London and a BA Hons. (First Class) in Natural Sciences and Management Studies from the University of Cambridge.

I have field-based experience in terrestrial and marine ecosystems, including shark and ray conservation in Indonesia (WCS); protected area management and anti-poaching in East Africa (FZS); and community-based tourism in rural Ethiopia (Counterpart International/USAID). I have also held various roles at UNEP-WCMC, working on high-level environmental policy and decision-making for multi-lateral environmental agreements such as IPBES and CITES; and am currently working on translating my DPhil research into policy briefings for the Indonesian government as a Oxford Policy Engagement Network (OPEN) fellow.

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