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Webinar Series - Incentives and financial instruments for coexistence

In November we held the third webinar in our Learning in Practice Webinar Series. The webinar focused on incentives and financial instruments for coexistence via a discussion of three case studies from Bolivia, Kenya and Botswana. Dr Ximena Velez-Liendo from WildCRU-Chester Zoo presented on “Of bears and bees: A journey into coexistence”, in Bolivia. Paul Steele from the International Institute for Environment and Development and Barbara Chesire from AB Consultants presented on “Human-wildlife conflict and insurance – opportunities and challenges”, in Kenya. Dr Anna Songhurst from the Ecoexist Trust presented on “Building an “Elephant Aware Economy” - Reversing the cost-benefit imbalance for communities sharing space with Elephants”, in Botswana.

Following the three presentations, the webinar broke out into a moderated discussion with input from Dr José F. González-Maya, Dr Nurzhafarina Othman and Dr Loki Osborn, moderated by Dr Alexandra Zimmermann before Thomas Hofer from the FAO provided closing remarks. A recording of the webinar can be found below.

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