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Dr Alexandra Zimmermann

Dr Alexandra Zimmermann

Senior Research Fellow, WildCRU, University of Oxford
Senior Advisor on Human-Wildlife Conflict, World Bank

Alexandra Zimmermann is the founding Chair of the Task Force. Her work on human-wildlife conflict began in 2000 and to date has included research and applied work involving elephants and lions in India, tigers in Nepal, bears in Bolivia, jaguars across Latin America, armadillos in Brazil, and fruit bats in Mauritius. Her interdisciplinary approach to HWC focuses on studying and addressing the underlying social as well as ecological drivers of conflict, and designing strategies that transfer ownership and decisions to the affected parties. She has developed several community-based HWC initiatives, led five Darwin Initiative projects, and supervises doctoral and postdoctoral research on various aspects of HWC. She also works on policy and capacity building for conservation conflict mediation, particularly at national and intergovernmental levels. She studied at the University of Leeds, the Durrell Institute of Conservation and Ecology , Harvard University, and has a doctorate from the University of Oxford.

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