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November 2023 additions to the library



Choudhury, U. R., J. D. Margulies, D. Mariyam, B. R. Rajeev, and K. K. Karanth. 2023. Seeing animals like a state? Divergent forester subjectivities and the managing of human-wildlife conflicts in South India. Geoforum 147:103892.  External resource 

Dunn, A. R., A. T. Morzillo, L. S. K.-E. Larson, and R. A. Christoffel. 2023. Spatial analysis of attitudes toward timber rattlesnakes (Crotalus Horridus) where encounters occur within an exurban landscape. Society & Natural Resources:1-19.  External resource

Franchini, M., and M. d. l. M. Guerisoli. 2023. Interference competition driven by co-occurrence with tigers Panthera tigris may increase livestock predation by leopards Panthera pardus: a first step meta-analysis. Mammal Review.  External resource

Gao, Y., Y. Wang, A. T. L. Lee, Y. Liu, Y. Luo, K. Orrick, J. S. Alexander, J. T. Sangpo, and S. G. Clark. 2023. Contextualizing sociodemographic differences in Tibetan attitudes toward large carnivores. Conservation Science and Practice 5:e13049.  Download

Glatthaar, C., R. Kansky, K. Whitehouse-Tedd, and S. Geerts. 2023. Barking up which tree? Characterizing farmers, farms, and a behavioral framework regarding livestock guardian dog use in South Africa. Biological Conservation 288:110344.  Download

Haight, J. D., K. L. Larson, J. A. G. Clark, J. S. Lewis, and S. J. Hall. 2023. Social-ecological drivers of metropolitan residents’ comfort living with wildlife. Frontiers in Conservation Science 4.  Download

Hobson, K. J., A. Stringer, R. Gill, J. MacPherson, and X. Lambin. 2023. Interests, beliefs, experience and perceptions shape tolerance towards impacts of recovering predators. People and Nature.  Download

Kutal, M., M. Duľa, A. R. Selivanova, and J. V. López-Bao. 2023. Testing a conservation compromise: no evidence that public wolf hunting in Slovakia reduced livestock losses. Conservation Letters n/a:e12994.  Download

Lazure, L., and R. B. Weladji. Methods to mitigate human–wildlife conflicts involving common mesopredators: a meta-analysis. The Journal of Wildlife Management n/a:e22526.  Download

Onserio, T., and L. King. 2023. One year after the rollout of the Coexistence Toolbox for reducing human-elephant conflict: how Save the Elephants’ Human-Elephant Coexistence (HEC) Toolbox is helping rural communities live safely with elephants. Pachyderm 64:134-139.  Download

Prasky, E. G., J. M. Drymon, M. Karnauskas, A. Q. Anderson, S. L. Gibbs, J. H. Grabowski, A. E. Jargowsky, D. M. McAree, A. R. Osowski, S. H. Swinea, and S. B. Scyphers. 2023. Depredation influences anglers’ perceptions on coastal shark management and conservation in the United States Gulf of Mexico. Frontiers in Conservation Science 4.  Download

Robertson, M. R., L. J. Olivier, J. Roberts, L. Yonthantham, C. Banda, I. B. N’gombwa, R. Dale, and L. N. Tiller. 2023. Testing the effectiveness of the "smelly" elephant repellent in controlled experiments in semi-captive Asian and African savanna elephants. Animals 13:3334.  Download

Saarikoski, H., S. Vikström, and L. Peltonen. 2024. Knowledge co-production around the cormorant-fishing conflict using a joint fact-finding approach. Environmental Science & Policy 151:103628.  Download

Salvatori, V., A. Marino, P. Ciucci, C. Galli, M. Machetti, E. Passalacqua, S. Ricci, G. Romeo, F. Rosso, and L. Tudini. 2023. Managing wolf impacts on sheep husbandry: a collaborative implementation and assessment of damage prevention measures in an agricultural landscape. Frontiers in Conservation Science 4.  Download

Songhurst, A., M. Baitseng, J. Lalley, S. Lupton, M. Molathegi, O. Mosupi, B. Sensinyi, A. Stronza, T. Taylor, and G. McCulloch. 2023. All aboard the 'Elephant Express', a practical solution for human-elephant coexistence. Pachyderm 64:63-77.  Download

Whiley, F. L., and J. Tzanopoulos. 2024. Public acceptance of Eurasian lynx (Lynx lynx) in Germany. Journal for Nature Conservation 77:126535.  Download


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