Virat A Singh

Special Correspondent, Daily News and Analysis (DNA), Mumbai, India

Member, India

Virat A Singh works as a Special Correspondent with a Mumbai based national newspaper-Daily News and Analysis (DNA) and extensively reports on wildlife and environment.

With a keen interest in wildlife conservation and human-wildlife interactions, Virat who holds a Bachelor’s degree in Science (Zoology), has been consistently reporting on these issues since he began his career as a Journalist in 2005. He believes in writing stories that create awareness, sensitize stakeholders and make a positive difference.

He has been a part of Mumbaikars for SGNP (MfSGNP)- a project that involved all the important stakeholders to address the human-leopard conflict in Mumbai right from its inception in 2011.

For over five years, he has been traveling across several states in India as a resource person for various wildlife organizations, holding workshops for Journalists and forest department staff to highlight the role media can play in mitigating human-animal conflict. He is also a member of a group working to sensitize media students towards wildlife through a programme initiated in 2018 called- 'Leopard in a SPOT: Role of Media in Wildlife Reportage'

Virat holds a Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication from Mumbai and works closely on a voluntary basis with Mumbai based wildlife organizations, NGO’s, citizen groups for strengthening their outreach and public engagement activities.

He firmly believes that media can play a very important role in reducing conflict.