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Dr Santiago Zuluaga

Director, Proyecto Águila Crestada (PAC), Colombia
Coordinator and researcher, Black-and-chestnut Eagle Project (BCEP), South America
PhD Fellow, Colaboratorio de Biodiversidad, Ecología y Conservación (ColBEC), INCITAP-CONICET-UNLPam, Argentina

Member, Colombia and Argentina

Santiago Zuluaga is a Colombian biologist who works on the interdisciplinary conservation of raptors in the Andes Mountains of South America. He has a degree in Biology from the Universidad de Caldas (Colombia, 2012) and a PhD in Biology from the Universidad Nacional del Comahue (Argentina, 2022). In 2008, Santiago founded the Black-and-chestnut Eagle Project Colombia (in Spanish Proyecto Águila Crestada Colombia) to work closely with government and private institutions to save this endangered species in Colombia. Then in 2012 he traveled to southern Chile to learn how to address the human dimension in human-wildlife interactions. Santiago has participated and co-organized several symposia talking about human-eagle interactions and he also has some scientific papers about it. In 2018, he founded the Black-and-chestnut Eagle Project (BCEP) South America with the help of several people and institutions. Currently, he is investigating the socio-ecological factors influencing human-eagle interactions in several countries, like: Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Argentina. Santiago is also investigating how practitioners address human-raptor conflicts around the world to improve their practices through interdisciplinarity.

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