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Dr Mayukh Chatterjee

Regional Field Programme Manager for Mainland Asia, Chester Zoo

Member, India and UK

Mayukh Chatterjee has nearly two decades of experience working in the field of wildlife conservation, dedicating the last decade in developing and implementing long-term projects to mitigate and manage human-wildlife conflicts and promote coexistence, in different states of India. As the head of the human-wildlife conflict division at the Wildlife Trust of India, he was instrumental in the development of integrative and participatory models of human-wildlife conflict management in landscapes where conflicts are rife between humans and Bengal tigers, leopards, and Asian elephants. During this time he has also been a strong advocate of instilling community participation as a core principle in the mitigation and management of human-wildlife conflicts and is also a contributing author to the first National Action Plan for human-wildlife conflict mitigation. He is also an experienced trainer, training wildlife managers, forest rangers as well as local community groups and media personnel, in various states of India. He also has years of experience in project development & management, fundraising as well as the on-ground implementation of a variety of projects dealing with diverse conservation issues, including human-wildlife conflicts. He has a bachelor and masters degree in Anthropology and a doctorate in animal behavioral ecology, and currently works at Chester Zoo as the Regional Field Programme Manager for Mainland Asia, wherein he oversees two long-term projects focussing on managing human-tiger and human-elephant conflicts.

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