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Simon Hedges

Elephant Conservation Coordinator, Wildlife Conservation Society, USA

Member, UK

I have almost 30 years of experience of wildlife conservation-related research and survey work, endangered species and protected area management, and wildlife policy formulation. The majority of my time since 1988 has been spent in Asia and Africa. Since 1998, I have focused on elephants, particularly on the development of monitoring methods, human-elephant conflict assessment and mitigation work, and the illegal killing of elephants. I began working for WCS in January 2000: co-managing the Sumatran Elephant Project for the WCS Indonesia Program for three years until I was hired by WCS's Asia Program in 2003 as WCS's Asian Elephant Coordinator. Since May 2015 I have been WCS's Elephant Coordinator, covering Asia and Africa. I was the Co-Chair of the Asian Elephant Specialist Group from 2005 to 2015. I have published in journals ranging from Molecular Ecology, Conservation Biology, and Journal of Animal Ecology to Tropical Biodiversity, Kukila, and Gajah.

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