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Dr Joshua Plotnik

Assistant Professor of Psychology, Hunter College, City University of New York, USA
Founder and Executive Director, Think Elephants International, Inc., USA and Thailand
Faculty Associate in Research, Einaudi Center, Southeast Asia Program, Cornell University, USA

Member, USA and Thailand

Josh Plotnik is a comparative cognition researcher interested in linking behaviour and conservation by applying the study of animal behaviour to HWC. He is a faculty member at Hunter College, the City University of New York, a researcher at the University of Cambridge, and the founder of the non-profit charity Think Elephants International. Josh has been studying Asian elephants in Thailand for more than a decade. In addition to studying the evolution of intelligence using elephants as a model, he is also interested in applying research on animal cognition to new human/wildlife conflict mitigation strategies. His non-profit charity focuses on implementing conservation education programs in schools around the world, with recent iterations running on both coasts of the U.S. and in Thailand.

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