The Human-Wildlife Conflict Task Force (HWCTF) comprises specialists from a range of disciplines across the natural and social sciences and humanities, and includes e.g. experts in conflict mediation, stakeholder dialogue processes, social psychology, behaviour change and social marketing, behavioural ecology, animal cognition, environmental history, conservation planning, and other topics, as well as a number of experts on various taxonomic groups commonly involved in human-wildlife conflicts, such as elephants, large cats and bears. 

Membership in the 2021-2024 IUCN Quadrennium

IUCN SSC Task Forces are mandated with a time-bound duty to deliver specific outputs assigned by the Species Survival Commission. Compared to SSC Specialist Groups, Task Forces typically have a small membership of individuals selected for areas of expertise necessary for its objectives, with a high level of engagement in the group’s work programme. Members typically dedicate around 12-15 days/year to the Task Force, on a voluntary basis.

Membership of the HWCTF, as of any IUCN SSC Group, is by invitation and nomination, and members are required to participate actively in the Task Force’s work for the remainder of the IUCN Quadrennium.

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Any individuals interested in these future openings should please contact the HWCTF Chair directly or via  

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